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Such feelings, sentiments and outlook have led to the establishmen of this organisation. There was complete paucity of funds and there were hardly any material resources to supplement it but we had full faith in Almighty Allah that we would be successful in our mission as we were approaching the people with clean hands and the destination was clearly known to us. It is what the situation warranted, and the religion expected from us. In this background, we started our journey for this reformation of the society. By the grace of Allah it is the only organization of Imams who are leading prayers in more that 3,00,000 mosques in India. Thousands of Imams have become its members on regular basis and best efforts are being made to bring others within its purview. Paucity of funds proves to be an obstacle every now and then but we are continuing with our mission. We have got our branches in all the states and it is hoped that this organisation will continue to get more strength with the passage of time.

It will not be out of place to mention here that this organisation is purely for religious purposes. We are at work for the restoration of the status that our Imams enjoyed in the past.

It was an organisation in yesteryears but now it has become a movement. This organisation will be an example for the whole Muslim world because there is neither any organisation nor movement to champion the cause of Imams though the situation would have been otherwise. In case Muslims get true guidance from their Imams and join hands with them there would be no difficulty in removinmg all social evils, on one hand and promoting the cause of Islam on the other hand.

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