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Whereas the Supreme Court vied its order of 13th May, 1993, in Writ petition (C) No. 725 of 1990 (All India lmam Organisation Vs. Union of @india & Others), inter all, directed the Union of India and Central Wakf Board to prepare a scheme in respect of different types of mosques for payment of remuneration / emoluments to their lmams.

WHEREAS the implementation of the Supreme Court judgement was discussed at National Conference of State Government Ministers in charge of Wakf, Members, CentralWakf Council and representatives of the State Government/ UT Admns. on 15th September, 1993, where as broad understanding was expressed that the matter be deliberated upon by a Committee. A High Power Committee was there upon constituted under the chairmanship of Union Welfare Minister which has held five meetings. At the meeting held on 13th December, 1995, the committee noted the urgency of framing a scheme in the light of the Supreme Court's order granting extension of time upto 31st Dec. 1995 only In presence of the recommendations of the High Power Committee a small Committee under the chairmanship of Shri Asiam Sher Khan, MOS (PMO &W) has formulated the scheme in terms of the directions given by the Supreme Court as referred to above.

WHEREAS the aforesaid scheme was approved by the CentralWa Council at its meeting held on 22.12.1995.

Now therefore, the scheme formulated pursuant to, and in compliance with the aforesaid directions of the Hon'bie Supreme Court is as follows

1 . The Scheme shall be called the scheme for remuneration to lmams and Muazzins 1995.

2. The Scheme shall come into force on 1 st Dec.1 993.

3. The Scheme shall apply to the following categories of Mosques

(a) Mosques which are under the direct management of a board of Wakfs established under the Wakf law for the time being in force.

(b) Mosques which are registered with a Board of Wakfs established under the wakf law for the time being in force and are under the control / management of Mutwallis of various wakfs.

Provided that the Scheme shall not apply to the following categories of Mosques :-

(i) Mosques under the control or management of the Government except as provided in Pare 7.

(ii) Mosques which are not registered with the Wakf Board and are managed by local inhabitants.

(iii) Mosques which are not managed either by Mutawailis or the Muslims of the locality

(iv) Mosques not managed by members of Islamic faith.

Categories of lmams

4. According to nature of duty performed by them, Imams can be either full time / part time or honorary.

(a) Full Time 1mams.

In case of full time lmams, the qualification and the remuneration shall be on the lines of those adopted by the Punjab and Haryana Wakf Board. The Punjab and Haryana scheme is in Annexure.

(b) Part time and Honorary 1mams

The payment of remuneration to part time 1mams with comparable qualifications could be upto a maximum of 50 percent payable to the full time ]mams. The State Wakf Board shall consider payment of remuneration and allowances to Honorary lmams as follows

(i) lmams who lead only Friday prayers that is once in a weak, may be ,paid honorarium @ Rs. 50/- per prayer.

(ii) Such Honorary lmams who lead all the five prayers on a regular basis and are willing to accept may be paid honorarium @ Rs. 400, Rs. 500. Rs. 600 per month, depending whether they are Nazara, Hafiz or Alim.

(iii) Such Honorary lmams who do no lead ail the five prayers regularly may be paid a honorarium @ Rs. 20/- per day irrespective of the number of prayers they lead.

Provided that the appropriate Board of Wakf may, in respect of mosque which are small or are in the rural areas for have no source of income, fix such rates of remuneration for Imams and Muazzins of such a mosque until that mosque is able to find out ways and means to raise its income as may be sufficient to pay remuneration at the rate mentioned in (a) or as the case may be, (b) above. Acceptance of remuneration under the scheme

In all the above mentioned categories ( pares 5(a) and (b) , the acceptance of the above remuneration will be on voluntary basis.

Mosque under control of Govt.

7. The remuneration suggested in pare 5 above shall be followed for lmams of Musques under the control of the Government in cases where they have no independent income.

8. The appropriate Board of Wakfs may determine quantum of remuneration to various categories,of lmams taking into account, among others, the following factors:

(a) Whether the mosque is located in urban or rural area.

(b) Existing mode of payment as also the quantum, if the payment is in kind, whether the same can be quantified.

(c) Qualification of lmams.

(d) Income of the wakf in which the mosque is comprised.

(e) Income of the wakf in which the mosque is comprised.

(f) Collection/donation made for the lmam.

(g) Grants received from any source for the purpose.

(h) WhethertheWakf deed provides forspecified sources of payment to the Imams.

(i) Whether lmam is full-time, part-time or honorary. Whether Imam has any known source of income.

(k) Any other factor relevant to the local situation.

9. 11) The responsibility for implementation of this Scheme shall be on the appropriate Board of Wakfs.

(2) The appropriate Board of Wakfs shall harness necessary resources in accordance with powers and responsibilities vested with it under the provisions of the Wakf Law for the time being in force.

Wakf Board of Ambala Cant.
Ref No. 135 Ed / C /33/11-598-603 dated 22.1.92

Afterconsidering the representation of the lmams of all the mosques which are being'managed by the Punjab Wakf Board, the Administrator of the Board has allowed the increments in salary as follows and this scale comes into force from 1-12-1991.

Scale Medical Allowenced

lmam Alim 1000-1 5-1150-201350-25-1600 Rs. 30/-

Imam Hafiz 950-15-1100-20-1300-25-1550 Rs. 30/-

lmam Nazirah 850-15-1000-20-1200-25-1400 Rs. 30/-

Moazzin '800-15-950-20-1150-25-1400 Rs. 30/-

Note (1) Above scale includes dearness and others allowance. In future, there shall be no increment relating to Dearness and other allowances and no application in this regard shall be entertained.

Note (2) This scale would be given to Hafiz only for six months i.e. 31 - 5-92, thereafter this scale would be given only to persons who have memorised and are able to recite the entire Holy Book in the Namaz of Taravih during the Holy month of Ramzan. There fore all the Imams of Hafiz grade are directed to prepare themselves for the same. The committee appointed by the Board would judge the competence of the Hafiz and would report to the Board.

Copy for information to.
Secretary Punjab Wakf Board.
(i) Concerned lmams.
(ii) Concerned Moazzins
(iii) Guide File
(iv) P.A. to secretary
(v) P.A. to Administrator
(vi) All Officer and state Head Office
(vii) All State offices.

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