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Haj is one of the pillars of Islam. The performance of the pilgrimage is incumbent upon every Muslim once in his life time, if he be an adult, free, sane, well in health and has sufficient money for expenses of the journey.

"The first place of worship that was founded for mankind, was that Macca - Blessed, and a guidance to human being."

It is an established fact that every Muslim wants to perform Haj at least once in his life time. And the pilgrimage to Macca is a service due to God from those are able to journey there.

It is noticeable that many Verses in the Ouran with regard to Haj bear testimony to the importance of Haj.

In India, which is a secular country every body is at liberty to profess one's religion and manage one's religious affairs in the manner one likes. Central and State Haj Committees have been established to mange such affairs. All persons desiring to go on Haj are required to apply to such Haj committees. Selection of Haj pilgrims is made through draw of lots. Next to it comes provision for proper and comfortable journey. Another problem is to arrange for proper accommodation for the Hal' pilgrims. Chairman of the Cerntral Haj committee and other members have a vital role to play in such matters. Various facilities, including medical facilities etc.are being provided to the Hajees 'but still they have to face many a difficulties and there is ample scope for further im rovement.



Only such person be nominated to Haj committees who are associated with religious affairs and lead their lives in accordance with Shariah.

There should be no political interference in the nomination of members of Haj Committees.

Haj affairs should be kept away from politics, political parties, favouritism and nepotism.

Haj committees should maintain proper accounts and should not commit any irregularities.

Funds of the Haj committees be utilized for making better arrangements for the Hajees and other welfare activities.

Haj Committees, being answerable to the Indian Muslims, must not have such persons or elements on their rolls who are not competent to render religious services.

Hajees should be exempted from Airport tax and they should be allowed further concessions in Air/Sea fares.

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